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May 2000 Headline: "Happy 1st Birthday SoJARS!"

First Launch Report from 7/18/99, Launch Report 3/19/2000, Launch Report 4/30/2000, Members Forum: Reports from RATS, Presentation: Fiberglassing Techniques, Rocket Stability, Book Review: The Challenger Launch Decision, First Meeting Minutes 5/29/99, Meeting Minutes 4/25/2000

September 2000 Headline: “Summer Rocketry (almost) Blown Away!

President’s Corner, Editorial, Launch Report 7/16/2000, The Launch That Almost Wasn’t, Another Secret Launch, Members Forum: Cape May County Air Show, Meeting Minutes 7/25/2000, Meeting Minutes 8/22/2000.

November 2000 Headline: “Altitude! Wins Best New Newsletter Award!

SoJARS Annual Report, President’s Report, Editorial, Launch Report 8/17/2000, Launch Report 10/15/2000, DE/MD Launch Report 11/4/2000, Rocket Tips: Light Weight Filler, Members Forum: Rocketry Rules, Meeting Minutes 9/26/2000, Meeting Minutes 10/24/2000, FYI: Emergency Kit, Photo Finish

January 2001 Headline: “Winter Puts SoJARS Launches On Ice!

President’s Corner, Editorial, Members Forum: Bob’s Modeling Tips, Attaching Vacuum Form and Small Plastic Parts,  The MM.40 Exocet Anti-Ship Missile, Space; A Great Book, RockSim Version 5.0, Meeting Minutes 11/28/2000, Photo Finish

March 2001 Headline: “New Officers Take The Helm!

President’s Corner, Editorial,  Launch Report 1/28/01, Members Forum: Bob’s Modeling Tips #2 Estes Honest John Fins, Edmund Scientific Closing, Edmund Scientific: A Brief History, Q&A Section: RockSim & Parachutes, FYI: New NAR Safety Code, Satellite Spotting Website, Meeting Minutes 1/23/01, Meeting Minutes 2/26/01, Full NAR Model Rocket Safety Code

May 2001 Headline: “SoJARS Turns Two!

President’s Corner, Editorial, Launch Report 4/15/01, Members Forum: 40th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s Historic Flight, Titan II Missile Museum, East Coast Hobby Show, Hartford School Demo, Eggscaliber Lands On Its Launch Pad, SoJARS At Two: A Look Back, FYI: Website Stats, Origins of the Countdown, Olympus Digital Camera Tips, SoJARS Summer Challenge, Meeting Minutes 3/27/01, Meeting Minutes 4/24/01, Photo Finish

July 2001 Headline: “Barry Says: Pay It Forward!

The Robert A. Heinlein “Pay It Forward” Memorial Blood Drive, President’s Report, Editorial, Launch Report 5/20/01, Launch Report 6/10/01, Members Forum: RSO’s Soapbox, Tips: Fin Papering and Tab Technique, Q&A: Fun With Fins, FYI: Rocketry Trivia, Group Project Update, Meeting Minutes 5/22/01, Meeting Minutes 6/26/01, Rocket Plan: Barracuda, Photo Finish

September 2001 Headline: “Sad September, Hopeful Future

Special Editorial, President’s Report, Editorial, Launch Report 7/15/01, Launch Report 8/19/01, Contest – B Marshmallow Munch, Member’s Forum: RSO’s Soapbox, Poul Anderson: Science Fiction Grand Master, A BAR At NARAM-43, Russian Space Program Coins, My Introduction to Motor Making, Book Review: Building Skill Level 1 Model Rockets Video book by Timothy S. Van Milligan, Q&A: Simulating Clusters of Tubes, Pumpkin Seed Effect, FYI: MD/DE Launch, Rocketry Websites of the Month, FAA FAR 101 Regulations, Meeting Minutes 7/24/01, Meeting Minutes 8/28/01

November 2001 Headline: “Jack Takes Us Back!

Rocketry Flash Back, President’s Corner, Editorial, SoJARS/GSSS Contest, Members Forum: 40th Anniversary Gagarin Stamps, How I Spent My Summer Vacation, RSO’s Soapbox, The UK’s National Space Centre, FYI: Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Blood Drive, Cut-Out Shapes for Body Tube Transitions, “NO JOY”, Leonid Meteor Shower, Meeting Minutes 9/25/01, Meeting Minutes 10/23/01, Photo Finish

January 2002 Headline: “Darren Dazzles Discovery Channel!

The Ranc”O”r Project, Officer Candidate Statements, President’s Reports, Editorial, Launch Report 10/14/01, Launch Report 11/4/01, Members Forum: Bob’s Modeling Tips-Straight Pins for Detail and Strength, Daffynitions of a Lawndart, FYI: Aerotech Rebuilding in Utah, Meeting Minutes 11/27/01, Photo Finish

March 2002

Memories of Moscow: Space Exhibits in the Soviet Union,  President’s Report, Editorial, Launch Report 1/27/02, Launch Report 2/24/02, Members Forum: Bob’s Modeling Tips-Smaller Internal Parachute Cavities,  Penns Grove Young Astronauts, Russian Space Program Coins: Addendum and a Warning, Product Review: Making Your Own Decals-A Review of 3 Decal Paper Products, A Little Tid-Bit Tip, Table of Equivalents, FYI, Meeting Minutes 1/22/02, Meeting Minutes 2/24/02, Photo Finish

May 2002

White Sands Missile Range-“America’s Range”, President’s Report, Editorial, Members Forum: Hobby Show Make & Take, Bob’s Modeling Tips-Antennas, Estes Motor Thrust Curves, New U.S. Space Related Coin, SoJARS Accumulating Contest Points, Book Review: Lost Moon; The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13, Meeting Minutes 3/26/02, Meeting Minutes 4/23/02

July 2002

The Thrill of Apollo Launches, President’s Report, Editorial, Launch Report 6/9/02, Member’s Forum: Richwood Baptist Church Demo July 13th 2002, Competition Tips, Book Review: Rocket and Space Corporation Energia; The Legacy of S.P. Korolev, SoJARS Excels at RAMTEC, First Competition, SoJARS Results at RAMTEC-10, Bob’s Modeling Tips-Launch Preparation, SoJARS Summer Challenge 2002, Meeting Minutes 5/27/02, Meeting Minutes 7/25/02, Photo Finish

November 2002

Cold Weather Rocketry, President’s Report, Editorial, Members Forum: Tips, Hints, and Other Things You May Have Wanted to Know (or didn’t want to know), Bruce Barkoff Certifies Level 1, Amateur Rocketeers Shoot For Space, The SoJARS Zone, Contest Results (Unofficial), Meeting Minutes 9/24/02, Meeting Minutes 10/22/02

January 2003 Headline: “A Sensational Sunday at Sorbello Spaceport in Swedesboro!

President’s Report, Editorial, Launch Report 9/22/02, Launch Report 10/22/02, Launch Report  11/24/02, Member’s Forum: Barry’s Barbie Buddies, Local Team America Update, Russ’ Contest Corner, FYI: Philadelphia Area Space Alliance, Rocketry History, Meeting Minutes 11/27/02, Rocket Plan: Junkmail, 24 November 2002 Launch Statistics

March 2003 Headline: “SoJARS Remembers Columbia Heros

Editorial, Editorial Oversight and Apology, President’s Report, Member’s Forum: Risk in Space is Worth It, Blue Sky Helicopter Services, Correspondence: NASA’s Space Plane Q&A Line, Updates from Izzy in NY, NASA’s Space Place: Frisbees in Space, Russ’ Contest Corner, Meeting Minutes 1/28/03,  Meeting Minutes 2/25/03, NY Times Pieces Re: Columbia, Shuttle Program: Fly or Shut Down?, SoJARS Letter to NASA