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High Power Certification


Club member Daniel McCauley's Level 2 certification flight with a scratch built rocket flying on an Aerotech J135W reload at an MDRA launch.

SoJARS HPR Certified Members


HPR Certification

Randy DePasquale
Level 1 (NAR)
Linda Edwards
Level 1 (NAR)
Ryan Leach
Level 1 (NAR)
Jeff Gabriel
Level 1 (NAR)
Dan McGinnis
Level 1 (NAR)
William Perretti
Level 1 (NAR)
Richard Edwards
Level 2 (NAR)
Bruce Canino
Level 2 (NAR)
Sean Kehoe
Level 2 (NAR)
Jack Komorowski
Level 2 (NAR)
Blair Monagle
Level 2 (NAR)
Stan Senesy
Level 3 (NAR, TRA)
Al Kozin
Level 3 (NAR, TRA)
Daniel McCauley
Level 3 (TRA)

High power rocketry is both exciting and rewarding and is the next step after model rocketry. Unlike model rocketry, where motor impulse sizes of A through D are most commonly used, high power rocketry involves flights starting at the H impulse range all the way up through the O impulse range and beyond in some instances.

However, for a rocketeer to fly motors in the impulse range of H and higher, they must first achieve various levels of high power certification, which correspond to the type of motors they wish to fly. Both the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) and the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) have certification programs to allow a member to purchaes and fly high power rocket motors.



Basically, certification for high power rocketry consists of three progressive levels:

  • Level 1 allows the purchase and use of H and I impulse class motors.

  • Level 2 allows the purchase and use of J, K, and L impulse class motors and hybrid rocket motors.

  • Level 3 certification allows the purchase and use of M, N, and O impulse class rocket motors.

Dan McGinnis prepares for his L1 certification launch.


SoJARS presently offers club members Level 1 High Power Certification for both NRA and TRA members. The link below provides instructions and requirements on how to achieve your Level 1 High Power Certification through the club.

Level 1 High Power Certification

  • The modeler must demonstrate his ability to build and fly a rocket containing at least one H or I impulse class motor. Cluster or staged models used for certification may not contain over 640.00 Newton-seconds total impulse. Single use, reloadable, or hybrid technology motors are permitted. The modeler must assemble the reloadable motor, if used, in the presence of a certification team member. (From NAR website)

  • No written examination required

Due to the availability of launch sites in Southern New Jersey, the club is only limited to flying H motors. Level 2 and Level 3 High Power Certification can be earned at larger launch sites, such as those offered by MDRA in Maryland, and METRA in New York.

The following links provide additional certification information to those who wish to pursue their Level 2 and Level 3 High Power Certification.

NAR Certification Requirements

NAR Junior Level 1 Certification Requirements

Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) Certification Requirements