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Rocket Kits and Components

Aerotech Consumer Aerospace
Scale and competition rocket kits and components

Apogee Rockets
Model rocket kits

Estes Rocketry
Model rocket kits and motors

Model rocket kits

LOC Precision
High quality mid-to-high power rocketry. One of the best bangs for the buck!

Performance Rocketry
High performance fiberglass and carbon fiber high power rocket kits and components.

Polecat Aerospace
High quality high power rocket kits at an affordable price. Another best bang for the buck!

Public Missiles Ltd.
High power rocket kits and components.
Manufacturer of model rocket kits and parts. Kits include military scale, medical clustered and multi-stage models, capsule sport fliers, ailment and unique oddroc designs.

Semroc Astronautics Corporation
Model rocket kits


Rocket Motors and Reloads

Aerotech Consumer Aerospace
One of the leading manufacturers of both single use and reloadable rocket motors

Formerly Animal Motor Works - Now combined with Cesaroni ProX motors

Cesaroni Pro38
Another popular reloadable rocket manufactuer, especially for high power reloads

Cesaroni HyperTek Hybrids
One of the leading hybrid motor systems

Contrail Rockets
The original non-Pyro hybrid motor system

Ellis Mountain Rocket Works
Long burn, high thrust, affordable rocket motors

Loki Research
Rocket motors and experimental rocketry supplies

Propulsion Polymers
Another hybrid motor outfit based in Canada

Rouse-Tech Monster Motors
Aerotech compatible motor hardware

West Coast Hybrids
High power hybrid motor systems


Payload and Recovery Electronics

G-Wiz Partners
Flight altimeters and GPS telemetry units

Ozark Aerospace
Another line of high quality altimeters and flight electronics

High quality flight altimeters, timers, and other electronics. Sets the standard for which all other altimeters are compared.
The minialt/WD is the most popular altimeter used in rocketry today!

Public Missiles Ltd.
Various flight electronics, staging timers, and recovery systems (CPR)


Recovery Supplies / Parachutes

B2 Rocketry Company
High end manfacturer of the highest quality parachutes for small to massive HPR rockets.

TopFlight Recovery Components
Another high end parachute and recovery component manufacturer.


Electronic Ignition

Wide range of both regulated and regulation free ignition devices including igniters and electric matches

MJG Technologies
One of the last commercial low-current electric match manufacturers



FinSim Simulator by Aerorocket
The standard for simulating fin stress and calculating fin stability.

Rocksim Simulator by Apogee
Gold standard for rocket simulation software